Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund was established within the Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis District Foundation, a charitable 501(c)(3), in 2009 with a goal to create a base endowment of $100,000. Upon reaching the goal, interest generated from the endowment will support the members and leaders of the Texas-Oklahoma District of CKI in their service, leadership, and fellowship endeavors.

One becomes a Legacy Fund Patron through a one-time, tax-deductible contribution of $250 to the Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis District Foundation. In recognition of their gift, 300 patrons receive a banner patch and one of four pins based upon their classification within the Kiwanis Family.  

Legacy Fund Cornerstone Patrons

For a single $1000 contribution, donors can be recognized or honor an individual as a Cornerstone Patron. This represents the first quarter of the endowment and is limited to the 25 individuals.

Legacy Fund Banner Patch

Banner patch for Legacy Fund patrons

How to Contribute

Send a check or money order made out to the T-O Kiwanis Foundation, and in the memo, write CKI Legacy Fund. If your donation is made as an honor or memorial for a patron of the fund, please list the name and affiliation (from the five options above). You can print and mail or email the order form to legacy@txokcki.org

Mail to:

720 S. Greenville Ave. Allen , TX 75002

Attn: District Administrator Colleen Biggerstaff

Legacy Fund Donation Form(2).pdf

Cornerstone Patrons