District Leadership

A district board is typically composed of a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, Lieutenant Governors, and District Chairs. However, some districts combine the Secretary and Treasurer positions and/or use a Council of Presidents in lieu of Lieutenant Governors.

District Governor

  • Chief executive officer of the organization

  • Performs all duties as outlined in the International and District Bylaws

  • Presides at all board meetings

  • Provides direction and support to clubs and district officers

  • Communicates district progress to Kiwanis and Circle K International

  • Attends Governor and Administrator Training Conference

  • Represents the district at international events

District Secretary

  • Takes and distributes minutes of board meetings and the district's House of Delegates

  • Completes and submits monthly reports as required

  • In the absence of the governor, assumes all duties of the governor

District Treasurer

  • Prepares a district budget and maintains financial records with Kiwanis approval

  • Ensures that clubs pay their dues by sending reminders

  • Educates members about dues

District Editor

  • Develops a publication for the district’s clubs with information about service initiatives, district events, leadership development, and international events and initiatives

  • Coordinates and manages the district's website and social media presence

Lieutenant Governors

  • Supports and represents a cluster of clubs in a geographic region aligned with the Kiwanis division boundaries

  • Assists with the chartering and development of new clubs

District Committees

  • Districts can have a variety of committees including, but not limited to, conventions, laws & regulations, technology, Kiwanis-family, etc.

  • Ad-hoc committees are formed based on the needs and goals of the district

Kiwanis Committee on CKI

  • The committee chair serves as the district administrator and is appointed by the Texas-Oklahoma District Governor of Kiwanis International

  • The committee includes assistant administrators who carry out specialized tasks including financial management, leadership development, events coordination, and IT management

  • The committee is also made up of regional advisors who provide guidance and support to the lieutenant governors by serving as a liaison between Kiwanis Clubs