T-O Today

The Texas-Oklahoma Today, more commonly known as the T-O Today​, is the District's official publication. The District Editor maintains content, and since 2013, the District has used Issuu to make it available digitally. The T-O Today is published no fewer than four times per year, and consists of content from the District Board of Officers and individual clubs. Clubs are always encouraged to submit an article to report service projects and events, as well as photos.

2022-23 District Editor: Thamidu Bulathsinhala

Looking for articles with the following prompts (you are welcome to submit more than one):

Club Activities

  • Events held by clubs over the summer. (1-2 paragraphs + photo)

  • How your club has kept in touch since March. (1-2 paragraphs + photo)

  • Upcoming projects. (1 paragraph + photo)

  • Club spotlight* (1 paragraph + photo)

Individual Activities

  • Experience with learning & socializing online. (1-2 paragraphs + photo)

  • Member spotlight* (1 paragraph + photo)

*Showcase your club's/members' recent achievements within CKI!

2022-2023 Article Submission Deadlines

T-O Today Edition #1 - May 31, 2022

T-O Today Edition #2 - August 31, 2022

T-O Today Edition #3 - November 30, 2022

T-O Today Edition #4 - February 28, 2022