Red River

Red River Division

Leadership Team

  • Lt. Governor:

    • K-Family Coordinator:

    • Growth Coordinator:

    • ​Service Coordinator:

  • Regional Advisor:

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Kiwanis Divisions: 8, 18, 20, and 32

Established: 1988

Divisional Mascot: Rattle Snakes

Divisional Cheer:

ONE, We are Red River

TWO, A little bit louder

THREE, I still can't hear you

FOUR, Splash splash splash

Everywhere we go

Everywhere we go

People wanna know

People wanna know

Who we are

Who we are

So we tell them

So we tell them

We are the River

We are the river

The mighty Red River

Mighty Red River

Who rocks the house?

I said Red River rocks the house

And when Red River rocks the house

We rock it one time (HEY!)

We rock it two times (HEY!)

We rock it three times (HEY!)

We rock it all the way down