Weekend Officer Workshop

Breakout Session 1 Forums

WOW Forum - 2018 Pres. and VP
Secretary Forum.pdf
Treasurer Presentation
Editor's Forum

Breakout Session 2 Forums

WOW Forum - 2018 Int. Preferred Charities/Service Partners
Fundraising Forum
MD&E Resource Guide.pdf

Dues Breakdown

Dues Breakdown

Our Service Partners

Service Partners of the Month Guide

Breakout Session 3 Forums

Chartering Forum
Dues Forum
Social Media How Bout That
The Tomorrow Fund

Tabling 101

Tabling tips and tricks.pdf

Social Media Banners for CKI Week

Recruitment Tracker

Recruitment Tracker.xlsx

Officer Manuals

WOW President's Manual DONE.pdf
WOW Vice President's Manual DONE.pdf
WOW Secretary's Manual DONE.pdf
WOW Treasurer's Manual DONE.pdf
WOW Editor's Manual DONE.pdf