Texas - Oklahoma District Circle K International Awards

International Awards the Texas - Oklahoma District of

Circle K International has won.

​The Hodges and Rodehorst Distinguished District Award was designed to recognize Districts which, during an administrative year, have excelled to a high degree of achievement through membership growth, increase in event attendance, and projects carried out by the District Board of Officers.

Distinguished District Award

2016-2017 Texas - Oklahoma District

2012-2013 Texas - Oklahoma District

​2011-2012 Texas - Oklahoma District

The Frank B. Fulton Distinguished District Governor Awardwas designed to recognize District Governors who provide guidance to their fellow District Board Officers, opportunities for members throughout their district, and inspiration for any member who seeks to change the world.

Distinguished District Governor

2016-2017 Jennifer Tuggle

2015-2016 Marcelo Urieta Bravo

2014-2015 Allison Prisco

2012-2013 Sanjuana Zavala

2011-2012 Donnesh Amrollah

2008-2009 John Cano

The R.P. "Reg" Merridew Distinguished District Secretary Award was designed to recognize District Secretaries who thoroughly detail the matters of District Board meetings, communicate and assist club secretaries with Monthly Report forms, and assist the District Board with effective reporting methods.

Distinguished District Secretary

2013-2014 Cortney Ferris

The R.P. "Reg" Merridew Distinguished District Treasurer Award was designed to recognize District Treasurers who go above and beyond the call of duty, fulfilling their responsibilities and serving their district and membership to the best of their abilities.

Distinguished District Treasurer

2015-2016 Eric Yan

2014-2015 Jennifer Tuggle

The George H. "Dad" Gray Distinguished District Editor Awardwas designed to recognize District Editors who effectively reach members of their district through newsletters, promotional materials, graphics, and other mediums to promote the activities of the district as well as the values of Circle K International.

Distinguished District Editor

The J.N. Emerson Distinguished Lieutenant Governor Award was designed to recognize Lieutenant Governors who serve their division in the greatest capacity, act as a role model among other District Board Officers, and offer encouragement for club growth throughout their term.

Distinguished District Lt. Governor

2016-2017 Miti Patel

2014-2015 Marcelo Urieta Bravo

​2012-2013 Allison Prisco

The Distinguished District Chairperson Awardwas designed to recognize District Chairpersons who selflessly dedicate their time, either alone or with a committee, to benefit the membership of their district in a specific area of interest.

Distinguished District Chair

The A. Doug Wasson Distinguished District Administrator Award was designed to recognize District Administrators who go above and beyond assisting their Circle K District Board of Officers by encouraging change, fostering growth, and being a source of support throughout the term.

Distinguished District Administrator

2016-2017 Hunter Faubion